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5 Best Android Apps to Boost Productivity



Here’s another addition to our list of Best apps list, This time we present in front of you the list of Best Apps for Productivity. Technology has impacted almost every sphere of our lives and revolutionized how we live, socialize, learn and work. Technology has also been innovatively applied in the education sector to improve students’ productivity and enrich their learning experiences. Mobile computing has been instrumental on this front especially since the inception of smartphones. Today, students can install and use apps which are meant for specific subjects and education related tasks at the comfort of their communication devices. There are thousands of such apps on the internet and requires a careful selection to find the best application to address your academic needs. This article describes the best Android apps that are instrumental in boosting a student’s productivity.


This is a cross-platform app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving information created by the user. This app enables the user to capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere. With all the necessary information needed for maximum productivity readily available, the application enables the user to record his/her ideas on the go. Your best ideas are always with you and always in sync. As a student, they can use it to organize and even take notes for their school work. Since the app is configurable to accommodate the projects and lifestyle of the user, the app offers an unparalleled flexibility. It is an effective tool for a student to harness its power to translate into a more productive level. Evernote is also adaptable to anyone as it enables the users to configure the settings which resonate with their plans, resources and time.


Time is of the essence for students and the better they manage their time, the better they are likely to perform better in their academics. Rescuetime enables students to manage and track their time throughout the day. Analyzing and evaluating your time management techniques enables a user to improve on his/her time utility. It also helps them allocate more time to important tasks they need to do rather than any other activity. Whilst running in the background, it has less overheard and highly effective in tracking and managing time for students. From blocking unnecessary website visits to highlighting the accomplishments you make in a day, Rescuetime enables a user to get a comprehensive time analysis for each day and suggest ways to improve time management for better productivity. Saving time and allocating it to other tasks is the principle for this app and a relevant strategy for students who want to perform better.


Developers at GYST took time management and task scheduling to a new level by introducing this app. It helps users to combine texts, contacts, calendars, and tasks together under one operating platform. by consolidating tasks on one platform and scheduling them appropriately, more time is freed up for other tasks. A lot of time is lost juggling through various applications dedicated to a single usage and thus the need to bring together all these components together for easier manageability. Students can use this app to track their calendars and reply to school-related information easily through texting in the same app. An organized student is more productive and with a single app that brings together all communication and learning tools together, it will go a long way into improving their productivity.


As a cross-platform application, this app enables users to collaborate with colleagues to accomplish a common task across their devices. It also features time and task scheduling functionalities which help users to manage their tasks and group tasks thereof easily and conveniently. Through integrating other applications, Trello creates a common platform for group effort which is continually updated and synchronized to update the team on their progress. Information sharing is eased by Trello cards and ability to share attachments which give the app a unique ability to centralize communication among the group members. Students can use this app to share their information and resources necessary for their learning process. Trello integrates the apps your team already uses directly into the workflow and facilitates easier and faster sharing of information whilst tracking their progress. app which is designed for simplicity by using intuitive user interface takes task organization and scheduling to a new level. By creating a to-do list which is synchronized across devices, the app enables the user to keep track of his/her time and important tasks. The app has timed and location-based reminders to ensure all tasks are handled in time. It has inbuilt smart widgets that ease operation and expand its usability whilst keeping it simple and easy to use. It also enables sharing of information to colleagues. Students can use this task for planning and scheduling their tasks.

Final notes

Concisely, academic work can be overwhelming. It is often requires a plan to distribute your tasks and allocate them sufficient time to tackle them. The aforementioned apps come with such inbuilt features that enable students to organize themselves and position themselves for success in their academic endeavors. They are also designed for groups which gel their efforts to accomplish their objectives. For the students willing to go a step further and improve their academic performance, they can buy essay samples from here. This website helps students assign allocable tasks to professionals whilst they handle other academic tasks that are more important. Also remember to get the apps mentioned below to boost your productivity.

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