5 applications you can use to become a better blogger


As more and more people are finding it easier to access the internet from anywhere and at any time, the popularity and requirements of blogging are increasing rapidly. Due to this, blogging as also become a medium for digital marketing and an effective management strategy.

How to save your time on blogging?

Bloggers have to spend a considerable amount of their time in doing multiple things because of which they end up losing money as well as credibility. Not only do you need to plan your blogs property but it is also essential to execute and promote the right stuff for getting the best results, and if you are planning to make money off it, it is even more critical to stay efficient.

What you need to know about blogging?

Not all bloggers are aware of the fact that there are various tools and software available that can help him to improve productivity to a considerable level. All those who want to scale up their business, as well as those people who want to improve their blogging capacity, can make use of the below-mentioned tools and see the difference on their own.

1. Trello:

With so many things to do on every day the use of proper management of tasks is essential. Trello is a free tool available wherein you can create different boards for the various activities that you are going to perform each day. You can colour code items based on the priority and even create a calendar template.

2. Agorapulse:

Most people who do blogging to get more traffic on social media platforms. Agorapulse is a great help for all those bloggers to create their online presence and build connectivity to a broad set of the user within no time. One of the favourite features of this tool for most of the bloggers is that you can see all your social media notifications in a single place. You can also organise your followers with the simple built-in CRM feature.

3. Canva:

Canva it is a great choice to build attractive visual content which in today’s time is essential for the success of any blog. Blogger who have challenges in designing through the conventional Method can use efficiently you use the tool for creating content appropriate for Blogs. It is free of cost and comes with numerous templates that you can use to create your designs.

4. Grammarly App

To become a great blogger and especially to make money out of this field you need to stay updated so whenever you come across any content that you wanted to be read later then save it through the this tool. The application works perfectly on smartphone and tablet which allows you to access it from anywhere. It’s a cloud based app so can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. As its premium plan cost a hefty amount, so you find the best possible Grammarly discount at


It allows you to set up multiple automation controls to save the effort in doing the same task every time. If this then that to can easily connect with loads of other software and application on your system and save you a lot of time. Just make sure that you are creating the rules correctly to avoid any conflicts. To help with blogging, you can use it to blog new tweets automatically and even save your favorite videos for you to watch later.

Choose any one or combination of blogging tools to master your skills and become successful!

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