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Where AI has already had the most practical use?



Today the importance of the Artificial Intelligence, or AI in short, cannot be underestimated. While some of us may remember the old movies that portrayed powerful machines behind all of the human decisions, we might as well be entering this era quite soon.

Today we are going to take a look at the most recent developments in the AI sphere to assess the current level of progress and see what can be expected in the future.


While Siri has been actually available on the iOS devices since early 2010 as an installable app, officially the product came as a part of the iOS in late 2011. It still has been over 6 years ago since Apple has launched its AI-powered voice assistant, yet only during the last couple of years it has gotten some traction and great use cases. Today one can easily post on Twitter or Facebook simply by speaking it to Siri, making a reservation at a local restaurant or even finding airplanes above you is no sweat for this app too. However, the main advantage of Siri is the way it actually learns and remembers things…Siri, an AI, can remember your relationship with your contacts and perform commands based on those.


Many of us prefer to spend their Friday evening by a round table with a couple of drinks…and with a deck of cards. Even though poker has been considered by many as a timespent or a hobby, there are actually lots of people playing it online. If you are one of them, you may actually be surprised to learn that there is a high chance you might be facing an AI against you when you are playing poker online. As seen on www.Casinopå, the statistics suggest that the vast majority of the winning players are actually self-learning robots playing cheap buy-in games.

New devices

While an AI can be inserted in our smartphone, which became the most essential item of the current generation, or even be run on a remote server to make money playing poker games instead of an actual gambler, there are completely new devices appearing in our lives thanks to Artificial Intelligence. You may certainly be familiar with Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled loudspeaker that seems to deliver the most advanced retail AI – Amazon Alexa. Today it is possible to ask Alexa to do math, make shopping, or even ask to have a conversation with you.

Summing it all up

We are certainly living in the interesting times, the times when the technology is progressing faster than we are able to comprehend, and it does seem that soon our lives will be completely changed. Unlike many sci-fi writers suggested, this will not happen because of the robots. It does seem like the Artificial Intelligence will become the leading driver of the progress.

Source: https://casinopå

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