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4 Key Advantages of Moving to the Cloud



Switching over to cloud services can be one of the biggest decisions you could make for your business. Among other benefits, when you host your business systems, infrastructure, and applications on remote servers, it provides optimal data security. Today, businesses of all sizes are moving some or all of their applications and data to the cloud. So what do cloud consulting services offer that makes them so important and valuable to businesses? Find out the key advantages of moving over to the cloud.

1. Resource Availability

Cloud services are highly reliable, providing you with up to 99.999% of uptime. Your applications and data are available around the clock. The advantage of using the cloud is that even if a server goes down, another one is going to support your applications. Even your on-premise servers can never offer this level of availability and reliability.

When you have constant access to your resources, you are able to eliminate disruptions. A well-implemented disaster recovery plan also means that your business operations stay operational even if there is a disaster.

2. Data Security

Even in this age, data threats and breaches are common. And what is more concerning is that each new threat is more complicated and more serious than ever before. As the world moves into new era of data security legislation, it has become more important than ever to ensure that your customers’ and visitors’ data is safe and secure.

Large corporations may be able to afford the lawsuits and penalties in case of data breach, but small businesses cannot. Sine small businesses are usually less protected, they are at a higher risk of getting attacked. The right cloud consulting services can help you by providing higher level of security. When your data is stored on the cloud, it means that the servers are regularly monitored by security experts.

3. Cost Savings

When you move to the cloud, it helps in minimizing your operating costs. It means that you are going to require less equipment. It is not just the initial investment in the infrastructure, you also save on expensive maintenance in the long-term. There is no need to invest in costly:

  • Hardware: There is no need for investing in on-site servers.
  • Real estate: You can save on the extra space required for all the hardware.
  • Utilities: Maintaining your servers and hardware in the long term can mean big utility bills.
  • A large IT team: You will need much smaller IT staff.
  • Maintenance: Lower maintenance costs in the long-term.

There is 24-hour support and you will not have to bear the costs that come with downtime when the servers are at your own facility.

With cloud services, you are going to pay only for what you use. Whether you are a  small business or a large enterprise, this means significant cost savings.

4. Mobility

Another advantage of moving to the cloud is the degree of mobility it provides. More and more workplaces have employees working remotely. So whether your employees are in the field or working from home, they will not have to carry all the data along. When you use cloud services, all your team members can access updated versions of documents from anywhere. All they are going to need is internet connectivity.

Whether it’s your sales team that is making client calls in the field or your executives participating in meetings in another country, the required data will always be at their fingertips. The result is faster and more efficient decision making, which can mean better business prospects for your company.

Thus, there are so many ways in which businesses of all sizes can benefit from cloud consulting services.

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