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A revolution in real estate business



We all know that buying a home is not easy job, it is both difficult for the buyers as well as for the sellers but to chop down all the hassle we hire agents and contact real estate websites, but that isn’t an easy job to do either. and even if you find a property that fits to your budget but then it wouldn’t have good interior or the locality wouldn’t be nice or there will be something or the other thing bothering you that wouldn’t just let you settle for the home and in the end you have to end up adjusting your life in some match box kind. But what if all of this is sorted by using one tool which helps you find the right property with the best location, giving you all the details you need before moving in, giving you visual representation of your “Next” Home! Sounds good? Let me Introduce you to the Magicbricks Experience Center

Magicbricks Experience Center the next step in Real Estate.

A renowned name in the real estate sector, Magicbricks has taken the next leap into the business. To take care of all the hassles and problems that I mentioned above,  Magicbricks has come up with a solution that is going to change this industry forever! Magicbricks Experience Center is a new Technology that helps users  find the best property in their desired location.

The Magicbricks Experience Center is located at concourse level 3 at Western Express Highway Metro station in Andheri. It was inaugurated by Mr. Sudhir Pai, CEO,, who shared that “The experience centre is a coming together of high-quality hardware and software that addresses very specific issues in the consumer property journey. We imagine that centre would enhance the home buying process to a different level. This experience centre celebrates our strengths in applying technology to solve real problems in a meaningful, scalable manner”. This experience centre consists of Latest technology Such as Touch Screen and VRs that enable users to get the real preview of their home and they can actually see the interiors and the locality of the selected area. User interactive and User-Friendly Operating of the devices at Experience centre is something you should experience once before buying your new home. You can even check Property Rates Per Square Fit, map, nearby hospitals, schools, shops and other details. Below are a few pictures of the experience centre.


The above image shows the Virtual Reality gadgets. Now, as you put on the VR headset, you will be able to look straight at the skyscrapers in front of you. Take a step more and look down from the balcony of your flat on the 10th floor for a mesmerising view of the parks. Plan everything from placing your wardrobe in your room to designing your kids’ play area months before you even get possession of your flat. With VR you can plan your rooms much in advance and take the right decision to choose just the right property for you. Hence, saving yourself the trouble of accidentally ending up in a matchbox size apartment or living in unfamiliar environments.


While we mention virtual reality, the augmented reality section is one that cannot be missed. It’s important to know all about your future house as much as choosing the right builder. Before signing those final property papers, this augmented reality section displays the other add-ons or necessities the building complex has. With AR you get to know where exactly your apartment building is placed in the entire complex, how far the swimming pool be, the kids playing area etc. So choose the best from all properties while enjoying the excellent work done by the MagicBricks team to get you these fancy experiences.


The above image shows buzz zone screens which will play rich developer sponsored content.

The above image shows buzz zone screens which will play rich developer sponsored content.

It was a really delightful experience to witness this revolutionary launch of the Magicbricks experience centre at  WEH Metro Station, You should surely pay a visit before buying your next home! Kudos to Magicbricks!

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