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7 Vital Social Media Tips for Startups



As people become accustomed to using social media, it becomes not just a luxury, but a necessity. Both communication and socializing are making the move to a digital world and that means more people are connecting via social media.

Brands of all types should be using social media to reach the right audience and share their message and vision. Social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, is an important part of any good marketing strategy and is a prime way to create brand awareness and build a loyal following among the target audience. John Cartman, digital marketing strategist at academic writing service Superior Papers, claims that in this day and age, if you own a business and aren’t using social media, there really is not point to owning a brand.

These valuable tips can help you get your social media campaign going so you can access the benefits.

Determine Long-Term Goals

Before you create a social media presence, you should set up a strategy and a set of goals. Without a clear goal, you won’t really get much out of using social media. Ask yourself the following questions as you get started.

  • Do you want to build your brand awareness?
  • Are you trying to find new leads?
  • Do you want to sell more?
  • Do you want to share your expertise and inspire your audience?
  • Do you want to be seen all over the world?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can build your social media presence based on your needs. Set up your goals and you’ll have something concrete to work toward.

Set up a Social Media Strategy

Focusing on all aspects of your social media presence includes paying attention to things like style, ads, tone, graphics, audience and content, which keeps you from wasting time and lets you focus on how to reach your goals. Avoid being too random and posting uninteresting content. Be prepared to post based on your strategy and goals. Write down your plans and goals so that you can easily refer back to them when needed.

Double Check your Content

Once your strategy is set and you have a good set of posts to add to your social media accounts, there’s just one thing left to do and that is to proofread. According to the brand manager at writing service, this is vital to looking professional and hooking your audience. In fact, studies show that you won’t be interesting to your readers if your posts contain spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Before you publish, proofread what you’ve written and fix any mistakes before you post. You should also check your facts so that you sound authoritative and know what you’re talking about. Hiring a professional writing service can help if you’re having trouble with this step in the process.

Find Your Audience

While all businesses can benefit from using social media, not all of the platforms are the right fit for every brand. You’ll need to find out where your audience is on social media. For example, if you have a travel or beauty brand, Facebook and Instagram are perfect ways to promote them. Monitor where your audience hangs out on social media and create your platforms accordingly. This may take a bit of time, but with careful monitoring, you’ll see a pattern start to develop that will tell you where your readers are spending their time.

Communicate with your Audience

Now that you know where your audience is, you can interact with them on social media, which is a two-way street. For the best results, you should be sharing ideas and suggestions and having conversations with your readers. Offer polls, surveys or quizzes to keep your audience engaged and excited. Update often to keep interest peaked and work to entertain your readers. Answer questions regularly and build your brand with ease. If your readers know that you are available and engaging, they will be more likely to try your brand and enjoy what you have to offer.

Trial and Error

Try to keep in mind that not all social media campaigns are going to be successful. You may fail, but you can learn from it so your next attempt will be better. Watch your audience and your numbers so that you can make changes when necessary. Keep track of what content gets a lot of reactions and which type doesn’t. Being on social media requires constant work and experimentation until you figure out a successful formula. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to abandon that particular effort and move on to trying something new.

Put Your Activities on Auto Pilot

It’s impossible to monitor your social media platforms 24 hours per day. Fortunately, there are several automation tools that can help your brand stay engaged with your audience all the time. You can use tools to set your posts and interactions to occur at set times or intervals. Set up your schedule to post your updates automatically and you won’t even have to be online when the time comes. Buffergram or Hootsuite are both wonderful options that allow you to be present on social media at all the right times so that you can interact with your audience and answer questions and make comments when the time is right.

The Road to Success is Paved by Social Media

You can bet that virtually everyone is on social media, which is all the reason you need to get a social media platform going. All you need is your imagination, some time to do the work and some planning. Using social media will give your brand an entirely new face and makes it easy to get into the homes and lives of your target audience.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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