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6 Useful Apps That Everyone Should Have On Their Smartphone


Technology has made human life a lot easier. Today’s era seems to be most advanced one when it comes to counting facilities, improvement in lifestyles and making people’s life easier. Smartphones have changed everything; we can shop, sell or buy things anytime, anywhere, and get virtual assistants online. If we analyze, smartphone apps have become inevitable in our lives. From multitasking to productivity, from getting news updates to socialization, this list contains all the very important and must-have apps that everyone should use in order to make their life much easier.


This app is really intelligent that learns human behavior and suggests the best and feasible changes. It keeps records of your activities and how you do certain things. It then figures out where you need to make improvement or changes and brings it to the users so that they can adjust those recommendations into their habits. This must be on the app list of everyone who desired to improve their life and gain most out of their life.


The app is available for both iPhone and android users. If you are someone who easily forgets everything and finds it almost impossible to remember who you met or had a meeting last week, this app really comes in handy. With Humin you can remember all the tiny details like how and when you met so it makes it easier to focus on the matter instead of remembering things. You just need to have number of the person and it will fetch you all the relevant details.

Parental Control App

Today, it’s extremely important for all the parents to make sure their children are safe. There are a good number of parental control apps but mSpytracker is the best in terms of features, user-interface, and reliability and customer services. The app lets parents control their kids and keep a check on their activities. Additionally, this app also offers great help to secure and protect your partners and you will have all the information of where and when they are going out. This app should be on the list of every smartphone user.


Slack is a great way for keeping in touch with your team at work without sifting through dozens of emails. It is a chat room of sorts, and you can tag users and create multiple channels for smaller team projects. The desktop client sends non-intrusive desktop notifications to the corner of your screen, allowing you to stay on top of what’s happening while keeping your eyes on your work.

This app quite effective when it comes to distant meeting and conference calls. For example, you may need to talk to your office team when you are on vacations. This app then comes in handy and provides a great platform to communicate. You can download the app and there is a web version as well. The web version is user-friendly and is good to be used when you don’t want to download the app and waste a few minutes.


When you have so many things to do and not enough time to play with, you can easily become overwhelmed and fall behind. Gyst is the app that wants you to stay organised and get more done. It consolidates texts, contacts, calendars and to-do lists into one place. Because of this, you don’t need to keep dipping into different apps and it will help you stay on top of things. You can also use the software to priorities text messages, schedule meetings and communicate with your colleagues.

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