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5 Website Design Standards For 2018



Improving your website design is one way to kill high bounce rates and increase site traffic. If you want to start improving sales and ROI through your site and online media pages, here are top 5 website design standards you’ll want to keep your eye out for as we head into 2018:

Faster Loading Speeds

That’s one thing that never gets off the list, year after year. Companies will try to find better ways to deliver information and to allow easy access to customers. With technologies, teams and software that will help ensure efficient loading times, says Customer Think, businesses will find it easier to edge out the competition and leave them in the dust. Don’t want potential customers to abandon your pages? Getting help from a professional web design company is one way to provide them with speedy loading times.

Voice Search Will Start

While voice search is still a relatively new feature, more and more e-commerce sites are now starting to adopt the technology. By reaching out to a website designing team, you can easily provide this option which can help expand your market and consumer base.

The Use of Videos

Video consumption rates have grown exponentially over the last few years and it will be no different for 2018. Use of video in digital marketing campaigns will continue to get high engagement rates, says Creative Digest. The rising popularity of Live video is also making video use a must for many businesses. If you’re looking for a way to get higher engagement rates from your audience, hiring a web design company to create marketing videos is a good strategy. With the addition of video, you can expect site traffic to improve.

Even More Responsive Designs

While it’s certainly not a trend, responsive design practices and technologies are here to stay and are expected to improve even further come 2018. If you still haven’t switched to a responsive site design, there’s no better time than now to hire the services of a website designing and get it done. Otherwise, you’re locking out potential clients to your site and pages.

Use of Local SEO

Don’t forget to incorporate local SEO marketing campaigns and efforts. Hire a marketing firm that offers SEO services. With experts to prepare your content, your pages are going to be maximized for search and social, all while making it more likely for your business to pop up on the SERPs when local searches start. That’s one of the best reasons why you should hire SEO services. With local SEO, you can improve your page rankings and build online visibility and awareness, resulting in higher conversion rates and ROI.

Getting Help

These are just a few of the website design trends you should watch out for as the year ends. By keeping an eye out for all five on the list, you’ll have a much better idea which trends and practices work. If you have decided on hiring professional marketing services, keeping these 5 site design standards in mind will help you decide where or how to start.

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