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5 Ways To Analyze The Profitability of Your Ecommerce Business Idea



If you are interested in setting up an ecommerce business, you may already have chosen a niche. There so many articles online that you can read to understand how to start an ecommerce business. But you need to know exactly how to analyze the profitability of your niche before you actually start your ecommerce business. Here are 5 easy ways you need to know the right information that you need to start your ecommerce business:

1. Search On Google

This is the obvious thing to do when you first think about doing anything new. But there are so many articles that provide you more information than you actually need to know. Reading and giving importance to those articles can make your decision making difficult.

First of all, try to understand who your main competitions are from a simple Google Search. When you see some competitors adverting for their products on Google, there are good number of paying customers for the niche you have chosen. Use Google trends and Google keyword planner to see if your idea is on an upward or downward trend.

2. Research On EBay

Researching the similar products on EBay can help you understand the popularity and competition for those products online. Checking the number of listings and auctions on EBay can give you a fair understanding of whether you are going for a dead market or not.

3. Spend Time On Amazon

Visiting Amazon on a regular basis to have customer insights about certain products is a good way to know various aspects of the products you want to sell. Read customer reviews, see the number of product reviews on Amazon to understand the sales of that product. You can use the information from Amazon research to have a better a superior brand for your products than the brands selling their products online.

4. Search SpyFu

You may not have heard about SpyFu if you are new in an online business. But it is a great tool to dive deep into various information or data you gathered from your Google search. You can know exact keywords that are performing well in your niche.

5. Use Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best online SEO tools that allows you to know exactly everything you need to know about your competitors, keywords, site health and so on. It allows you to know how to rank well on Google getting links from sites your major competitors have got their links.

Setting Up Your Ecommerce Website

Setting up a user-friendly, SEO-friendly and responsive website is one of the most important job in an ecommerce business. Once you have researched on Google, Amazon, EBay and Ahrefs, you need to understand some technical aspects of ecommerce business. There’s a difference on how you setup your online catalog and you must understand that to ensure efficiency of your ecommerce business.


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