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5 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales



If we know how to focus our sales strategy well, we can take advantage of any season. That’s why we present some tips that will help you increase your sales this season:

1. Offer a checkout with all types of payment

To increase the conversions in your online store we suggest you take into account the three checkout options used most commonly.

A digital wallet that allows your customers to make payments by electronic means, and a direct payment option with credit or debit card.

Although the option of direct payment with bank cards is widely used, it is also, by far, the one with the highest risk of fraud, so it is important to be supported by a recognized processor that offers protection for the seller, in addition to having the highest acceptance of most used cards in the world and above all, robust fraud prevention systems. One of the options that meets these characteristics is PayPal.

2. Generate new visual material for your site

It is important to have impacting visual materials on your website and social networks that attract customers and encourage them to consume your products.

An important detail to take into account for this strategy are the colours in the design of your online store. Researchers in this field have found that buyers who are driven by their impulses prefer intense red, blue, orange and black colors. On the other hand, those who think twice before disbursing their money, prefer pink and blue tones in celestial or marine tones.

However, those who dedicate themselves to the fashion business must take into account the colour trends for this summer: lemon yellow, cherry red, ultraviolet, blue denim and lavender pink. Remember, do not forget to keep these colors in mind for the change of look on your website.

3. Launch an advertising campaign through social networks

A public happy with your brand is a public ready to acquire more of your products or services. Now, beyond offering your products directly in your virtual store and social networks and before disbursing your money in ads from Google, Facebook, Twitter or other platforms; we recommend you do what big companies do: generate empathy and affinity in your potential customers. Surprise them with ideas of your business linked to the joy of the particular season. More than promoting products and services, it offers life experiences. Appeal to the feelings of your buyers, make them feel loved and welcomed by your brand.

On the other hand, through a campaign in social networks, you can make an analysis of your products that, despite having potential, have not been sold as you expected. Choose one of them to perform some dynamics in social networks: whether you offer it as a gift or offer discounts for the public to test it to know its qualities, these dynamics could also serve as a means to conduct polls and know what links customers to your brand and what are the things they expect from you.

4. Pay attention to your customer service

Whether by email, chat or by telephone you must have a team that is always friendly and willing to clarify any questions of your customers. Do not forget to give them the information and the necessary elements to make the customer care experience an opportunity to add distinction and good references to your brand.

5. Invest in audiovisual material

In the tourism segment, videos are a hook that represents up to 89% in the purchase intention of customers according to The 360 experience that can provide is decisive when deciding on which option is the most attractive.

In case you do not have the budget to pay a production company to make your video, you can use technology that gives you a digital camera with good resolution and the editing equipment you can find on your mobile device. Do not forget to take the best aspects of your hotel or the tours you provide. The length of the videos should not exceed three minutes, otherwise, you could lose the attention and interest of the audience. Once your video is finished, upload it to YouTube and your social networks so that Internet users can see it.

If you sell physical products through your online business, which need to be packed and shipped, make sure your contract packing company is primed to handle any increase in sales as a result of your seasonal sales strategy.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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