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5 secret techniques to improve wireless routers



Internet is the king. Our lives are so dependent on this facility that not even a single person can imagine their routine without it. Even a partial disconnection with Internet access can be pretty irritating, especially for individuals who rely on it to perform their daily tasks.

Using the best wireless routers can give you access to speedy Internet. Even if you experience a poor wireless signal strength, then there are several techniques you can apply to make sure your Internet works well. Here are five of them listed:

  1. Positioning

Positioning counts a lot. Wireless signals have a tough time going through metal and other dense objects. Obstructions like walls and metal materials can limit your wireless connection. So more the obstacles between you and your router, weaker the signals.

Place router in an open space to maximize its signal strength. Placing it in a corner can minimize its efficiency. Make sure it is placed in a central location to augments it range and capacity.

  1. Replace the antenna

New wireless routers have internal antennas which are difficult to replace or modify. However there are some which uses external antennas like 802.11ac wireless router. These antennas are designed to ensure that signals reaches every corner of your house equally but again make sure it is not placed in corner of your house or near a wall as most of the data will be transmitted into the wall.

High-gain antenna can be used to enhance your router’s signal strength. It allows you to target the signal in one direction. These replacements are not even expensive.

  1. Change wireless channel

Wireless routers use different channels to send and receive data. If there are more routers operating on one specific channel, the connections will automatically get slower. You can use tools to scan nearby networks and detect which channel they are using. Switch to the channel with lesser users.

Switching your channel is pretty easy. Find the IP address for its configuration page from the documentation that came with your router. Then type the address into browser’s address bar and change the channel from there.

  1. Update adapter drivers

Your wireless adapter also receives seasonal updates which can improve your Wi-Fi’s performance. In order to get latest drivers, find out who is the manufacturer of adapter. Go to the manufacturer’s website and install the latest drivers.

In an executable file, you just need to run the program. Otherwise you need to head to Device Manager and browse the computer for driver software.

  1. Update router’s firmware

Your router can also get outdated like any other hardware. The manufacturer routinely comes out with new firmware for their products which can increase router’s performance. However, these wireless routers do not inform users that an update for their firmware is available.

Fortunately, updating the firmware is pretty simple process. Just go to the manufacturer’s website and find the update according to the model and version number stated on back of your wireless router.

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