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5 Android Apps You Can Download on Your PC



There are literally thousands of Android Apps in the Google play store. However, you cannot download all of them on your PC and that is why we have tried to narrow some of the commonly used ones for entertainment, communication, image editing and many other things.

Here are some top five Android Apps you can download on your PC, without any issues. Some have a payment plan while others are free.


This mobile messaging application is free for use and is a bit similar to Whatsapp and Viber. However, it has some distinct features that make it stand out from the two, for example, an internal browser with other internal apps you can use for memes, dating, and games among other things.

Besides, this browser can encourage you to stay connected with Kik, for some time due to the numerous apps in it.

Kiks main functions are one to one chatting, anonymous chat, group chats, sending messages, pictures, GIFS and videos among others.

You can also chat with music and entertainment brands through promoted chats, which you can easily identify by the Green Star located behind their profile.

Nonetheless, you can easily download and use Kik Messenger on your computer and maximize all its benefits.


This is a free password manager, which you can use to generate complex passwords for every app you have as well as websites that require one. Therefore, whenever you need to log in LastPass App will automatically fill all the correct information for you.

It is the best App for storing some of your confidential information for online filling files. Besides, it is very secure but also allows you to safe-share some of your passwords with other people.

You can even create a secure account for synchronizing passwords between all your devices, be it mobiles or PCs.


This App allows you to easily filter and edit images, as you want. It gives you enormous control over how to use the filter and effects to improve on your images.

Moreover, it allows for nondestructive edits to raw files as well as finely tuned adjustments to a certain level of exposure and details.

It is the best option for photographers who know their work and detail very well.


You can listen to music using this App at no cost at all, but there are some affordable subscriptions, you can look into for more music streaming on your PC.

As much as there are numerous ways and Apps you can use to listen to music on your computer, Spotify tends to stand out from the rest, as it has a massive catalog of music genres that are clear and very crisp when it comes to audio quality.

You can even enjoy custom mixes with your friends from its playlist. Moreover, it has loads of other features you can explore, as you slowly learn to maximize its entertaining benefits.


This RSS Reader App neatly organizes all the information you need as well as news in a single place. You can get loads of YouTube channels, online magazines, blogs and different websites and more than 40 million other feeds within this Android App.

You can also use it for your business, in order to stay ahead of the market as it can help you analyze what your competitors are doing as well as the current market trends.

Moreover, it has integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Evernote, and LinkedIn among other social sites, to enable you to, easily share stories or information with teammates and networks.


Conclusively, you can download many Android Apps on your PC. You just have to narrow them down to your needs as well as ease of use, depending on your expertise or profession.

This is because you can find many Android Apps on entertainment, picture editing, as well as communication, file management and weather forecast. However, you cannot have them all, only the one that meets your daily needs.

Therefore, you can always explore other options for your PC, but most people commonly use these top five above here. Nonetheless, you are free to make your own choice.


Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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