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4 Things to look for when researching software program to fix corrupt files



Isn’t it frustrating when the files you’ve been working on get corrupted? Although file corruption could be caused by a handful of reasons, virus attacks are the most predominant. When your files get corrupted, there are several measures you can take to recover them. For instance, you can use a variety of data recovery software to recover your priceless files.

File recovery software programs have varying features and qualities. Some of them work very well while others are just frustrating to use. Check out some reviews here to find out which software suits you.

Here are 4 things you should check before choosing a software to help fix corrupt files:

  1. Ease of use

A good file recovery software should be extremely easy to use. It shouldn’t have any intricacies that could hamper navigation. The interface should be user-friendly to ensure that anybody can use the software to fix some corrupted files, not just the tech-savvy. Some software require that you purchase additional tools so it can successfully fix your file woes. It’s wise to avoid such software. Instead, choose a complete program that contains all the necessary tools to recover your corrupted files.

  1. Recovery of a wide range of files

A good data recovery software shouldn’t just fix corrupted Office documents, it should also attempt to fix and recover a wide variety of files. These include videos, photos, music and other documents. There’s no need to purchase a software that fixes only one type of file format. The Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software, for instance, allows you to recover a wide array of file and document types. This software comes highly recommended and is used by millions of customers around the world. Good news is, the program is compatible with most versions of Windows.

  1. Few compatibility issues

The software you choose to fix your corrupted files should be compatible with other programs installed in your computer. More importantly, it should be able to run on any version of your OS (Operating System). Software conflicts are sometimes inevitable, especially when you’ve installed a plethora of programs in your computer – most of which you don’t even use. To avoid such conflicts, you could delete those programs that you don’t need. Just ensure that your preferred file recovery software can run on your PC before purchasing it.

  1. Supports Deep Scans

When your computer’s hard drive gets formatted or corrupted, a deep scan is required to recover the data therein. Your choice software should not only fix your corrupted files but also perform deep scans on your hard drives to ensure that all files are recovered and fixed. Another perk of using the appropriate data recovery software is its ability to rescue invaluable information and priceless memories. Whether it’s a special family album or rare wedding pictures, a good recovery software will recover them quickly and easily. To avoid corrupting crucial files, simply avoid using external hard drives and USB sticks from untrusted sources.

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