4 Clever Ways to Maximize Your Email Marketing Efforts


Sending out your online newsletters and offers isn’t an option without using the best email marketing services for business these days. If you are sending out your emails manually using BCC, that’s not going to work out well in the long run. Gathering email addresses offline and emailing people about your products and services by hand is hardly effective and is definitely time consuming.

The Email Marketing Evolution

We have come a long way since Arpanet and the first promotional email sent by “the Father of Spam” Gary Thuerk. Now sending an unsolicited email to a bunch of people asking for a sale would not be as effective as his $13 million dollars in revenue as state in Smart Insights.

While getting a sales email in 1978 may have been interesting and novel, getting one in 2018 can be somewhat annoying, especially if it is not tailored to what you are searching for. We are spoiled with personalization and custom targeting and we like it.

Email marketing will continue to evolve and the sooner that you get onboard and start understanding how email marketing working and how you can best use it to your benefit and to the benefit of your customers, the better. Every day that you are out of the game means that you are potentially losing out on thousands of dollars in revenue.

Split Testing Opt-in Forms

You’ve designed a beautiful opt-in form. You know it is perfect. Or at least, you know that you would click it, right? That isn’t exactly a great test for ensuring that you will be able to get a good conversion rate out of your opt-in form. You have to do split testing.

That beautiful opt-in form that you have that is performing “just fine” needs to be tested to see if it can be better. When you do your split test, make sure that you do not use a whole new and different opt-in form, you want to find one element you are going to test on the form and change it. It could be the copy on the opt-in form, photo, lack of a photo, etc. Just one thing that you can change to see which form is going to get the most people to enter their information.

You might also decide to try out an opt-in form without a name field. Having an opt-in form with only a name field might be tempting because it is likely to raise conversions due to the lesser steps required to get on the list, but this will keep you from doing email personalization if that is something you want to do with your email marketing.

List Segmentation

Being able to separate your customers from your potential leads is powerful. If you are emailing your customers and your leads the same information, that can be a major turn off to your customers. You’re asking them to do business with you, but not thanking them for the business they have already done. While people understand it is a broadcast email, they don’t want to be lumped in with everyone else.

Beyond segmenting your list of leads and customers, you can segment your list in a number of different ways. You can have a list with only people that have bought a certain line of products or a list of people that are interested in a certain sub-topic in your niche. The possibilities are endless and the more specific you can get, the better for your marketing campaigns. People love it when it seems like you read their minds and provide them with offers that are relevant to what they want or need at the moment and there are plenty of ways to do this with email marketing.

Get Rid of Dead Weight

The number of people that are on your email list is not as important as the number of people that are engaged with your content. If someone hasn’t click on an email in over a year, don’t you think it is time to let them go? It’s like continually calling someone that doesn’t want to talk to you. Ineffective and a waste of energy.

Why not just leave them on your list? Maybe one day they will click on something, right?


But probably not.

If you have a large amount of your subscribers that are not clicking on your emails, this can hurt your delivery rate. If email providers think that you are a spammer because your emails are not being opened, you might land in the dreaded Spam folder and we do not want that. You want to have the best deliverability possible.

Your email provider might have a section that allows for “list hygiene” so you can type in filters and remove anyone that fits those filters from your list.

Survey Your List

If you are trying to make a decision on which business move is the best, you have a list of people that are going to be affected right at your fingertips. People are usually more than willing to tell you what they want so that you will give it to them.

Maybe you want to know what kind of content they enjoy getting in your newsletters or if there is a tutorial you can make for them to help them through some challenge. Whatever you want to know, you can send a survey to your list and get your answer from the people that really matter.

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