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3 Kitchen Appliances to Make You Cook Like a Pro



There are some kitchen appliances out there that have become absolutely crucial to our cooking techniques. One example of such a kitchen appliance is the food processor. I’m sure you have not seen a single kitchen out there that is functioning well without a food processor, and rightfully so because of all the ease we get by using it.

But other than the necessary appliances, there are some that change your cooking game entirely. Some are common, others are rare; but the bottom line is that the use of these appliances will have you cooking like a pro (with due practice, of course)

You could visit for more appliances like these but here are our top three picks:

Sous-Vide Machine

Have you ever made a chicken roulade? It is a piece of chicken breast with delicious stuffing inside, rolled and cooked all the way through. The biggest problem with the roulade is that it is very difficult to cook right.

The best way to cook roulade is with the sous-vide machine. It is a machine that has you seal food in a Ziploc bag which you put in the machine which then poaches the food in hot water. This way, the food loses no moisture, it does not get overcooked and you can sear it later in a pan for that perfect flavor. It is a lifesaver with other foods like poached eggs, or anything that is vulnerable of being dried out or overcooked. If you want to cook like a pro, invest in a sous-vide machine asap!

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a very common and convenient piece of kitchen equipment as well. The basic idea is that it cooks food under a lot of pressure which builds up inside the cooker from the heat of the stove. Because of the pressure, the food cooks much faster but has the same great taste it would have if it was slow-cooked on a low flame for hours. Of course, some foods like lean meats should never see the inside of the pressure cooker, but if you want a delicious meal fast, then this appliance is your best friend!


A blender is another very common piece of kitchen equipment. It is mainly used to make purees or cold soups and sauces. These purees and all can be strained and you can extract the clear, pulp-less extract from it and use it in your food. You will feel an immense burst of flavor in your food if you add this clear extract to it. Another reason why it is great is that your food gets this smooth texture that is almost impossible to achieve easily without a blender.

A blender is also used to make drinks and shakes to beat the summer heat or to pair with your delicious meal for some hearty fun. But any way you look at it, it is nearly impossible to run an efficient kitchen without a blender!

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