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3 Key Strategies to Keep Digital Marketing “On Target”



Effectively reaching your “target market” is part of the warp and woof of modern online advertising strategy. But hitting the “bull’s eye” can be as elusive in digital marketing as it is with a real-life bow and arrow.

It’s a virtual “truism” to say that if you put engaging ads and web pages before the eyes of the very people interested in buying your product or service, you will make more conversions. The real question is, of course: “How do you do that?”

Here are three key strategies by Internet Marketing Company Irvine that can, in part at least, provide an answer to that ever-pressing targeting concern

1. Custom Build Your Website to Your Company

As in the ancient world all roads led to Rome, in the world of digital marketing all ads lead down the marketing funnel and terminate at your website. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like buying on Facebook or at a comparison site without ever visiting the company’s commercial website, but most buyers end up at your digital doorstep.

You can’t win the maximum number of converts by pretending to be something you’re not or by presenting to them a humdrum website that looks just like everyone else’s and thus suggests little to no market differentiation.

A better approach is to target your web design to the nature of your products/services and to the persona of your company. To learn more about how to accomplish this level of website customization, check out this informative article put out by Perth Web Design.

2. Run Focused Ads; Don’t Just “Carpet Bomb”

You can pay extra to simply flood the Internet with your ads and pay to appear at the top of the Google search instead of working on dominating organic search results, but that will cost you a lot of money and put huge pressure on your bottom line.

A better approach is to keep your ads focused and to be selective about where and when your run them. Don’t over-target either (called “hyper-targeting”) or you will reduce your audience too severely; but don’t randomly “carpet bomb” or you’ll miss your targets too often.

Analyze your current customer base and the general customer base of your industry using advanced targeting software. Then target based on behaviors (browsing history and past purchases), gender, geography, and other demographics.

Then retarget past customers, but don’t overdo it. Use burn pixels to untag viewers who already responded to your ad, while sending them a follow-up email or a different ad.

3. Test Everything and Constantly Analyze Metrics

Finally, test and retest your ads and web pages repeatedly. A/B testing is great for choosing the better of two ad options; and as ads decrease in effectiveness after they’ve been run a few times, you have to be constantly checking their performance metrics and making adjustments.

You also want to test the way your site and ads are showing up on actual user devices. That means desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. And you also want to be aware of what viewers are experiencing in different geographic locales and under difficult reception situations (on the go).

You might even want to assign someone to travel through your targeted geographical zone using a sleeper truck, and a representative of each device type. (To learn more about sleeper trucks click on the link.) Then, you can experience what your most mobile viewers experience first-hand, and that will give your insight into how to improve both graphics and functionality.

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