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Top 3 Hardware Wallets for Cryptocurrency



The very concept of hardware wallet is not absolutely new for the users in the digital space but with the advent of cryptocurrency, the users have become quite familiar with their absolute need. With so many wallets domineering the digital space, we have chosen the top 3 hardware wallets for your cryptocurrencies listed following:

Ledgee Nano S:

Being counted amongst the best Hardware Wallets for cryptocurrencies of 2018, Ledger Nano S offers you with whole lot of features. Like any other hardware wallet, it do cost a fortune, but with the featured offerings it serves its utility and beyond. Not being a plug and play device is one of the many reasons to choose Ledger Nano S as the hardware wallet for cryptocurrency as the functioning is not hindered in absence of computer.

Its graded feature of security is quite hard to find in any of the cryptocurrency wallet and to top of it is devised with the advanced backup of the digital currency’s private key which is yet another feature that makes it a front runner amongst the top hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies. You can easily operate your cryptocurrency wallet with the aid of the small LED screen devised on front of it which provides its help in functions like making transactions, using apps and transferring the money to different accounts, or the handling of the cryptocurrency and its exchange and more. It’s the perfect example of “good things come in small packages” as its small size can help you in securing it from thieves and the nasty hackers. Moreover in case of any undesirable event, you can get the backup while blocking the unauthorised access to your cryptocurrency wallet at the same time. That’s a total WIN-WIN.


Well the answer to your question simply lies in its alluring features as the best hardware wallet for cryptocurrency. Some of its core features include:

  • A user friendly experience is what count’s the most and Ledger Nano S has got it all, with the small size to fit in, the buttons to operate and the LED screen for display, it is quite handy to operate.
  • Not just one, it is a multicurrency hardware wallet supporting several cryptocurrencies so you don’t have to look around for yet another wallet for handling different cryptocurrencies.
  • Security is one of the major issues followed in digital world, but with the graded secured features of Ledger Nano S, you will be assured for a graded guard against all hackers and thieves. Also it comes with the option of locking the wallet with the digital pin code.
  • Ledger Nano S literally take the term “I have your back” in context of cryptocurrencies wherein it provides the easy backup which is speedy and accompanied with recovery sheet.
  • A promised confirmation after the transaction sounds like no harm. With its high end digital screen, you can see the transactions taking place for visual verification on your end.

Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet:

Image Credit: Bitcoinzar

With some high tech features like unparallel standards for security with password management, Trezor Bitcoin hardware wallet is yet another delight for the users seeking the best hardware wallet for cryptocurrency. Its absolute ease to operate makes it the favourite of the novice too. So if you are less tech-friendly, Trezor is your hardware wallet for cryptocurrency owing to its smooth functioning on basic operating system of Linux too.

What makes its a complete standout amongst all hardware wallets for cryptocurrency is the hidden wallets devised in it which are securely coded with a passphrase and can guard your cryptocurrency from all the unauthorised access.

Why Trezor Bitcoin Hardware wallet?

  • It is one of the most secured hardware wallets for your cryptocurrency with the advanced security tech features.
  • One of the many reasons, you can go for Trezor is its secured functioning. It guards your private key completely even when used on systems infected with malware.
  • It possesses the intuitive interface which provides the users with the comprehensive friendly experience while operating the cryptocurrency and its related transactions.

Keepkey Hardware Wallet

Image Credit: Crush The Street

Yet another hardware wallet with the meticulous looks, Keepkey hardware wallet is a great choice for the leading hardware wallets for cryptocurrency. Its scalability is one of the features that make it counted amongst the top 3 hardware wallets for cryptocurrency, as it is absolute compatible in functioning over several operating system including windows, Linux, Mac and more. Another reason to go for Keepkey hardware wallet is it is a absolute USB-HID device which means the you are no longer in requirement of driver for functioning on operating system. Also to add more security it provides the user with safeguarding the hardware wallet by devising it with 12 word recovery key of data which can be customised for once.

Why Keepkey?

Ranked amongst the top 3 hardware wallets for crypto currency itself comprehends to choose it as the hardware wallet for protecting your cryptocurrency. Here are some other benefactors of Keepkey over other hardware wallets:

  • Fighting and protecting against cyber attackers is what the users seek and with security standards of Keepkey, your private key is all protected and guarded from all those hackers.
  • It provides the users with the access to the top ranking cryptocurrencies all around the world.
  • Besides these, you can grab these high tech security features at much budgeted rates rather than spending extra bucks of more established products.
  • One of the many reasons to choose Keepkey as the hardware wallet for cryptocurrency is the OLED display devised on it which is designed professionally and ensures the user friendly experience with offering the absolute ease to operate.
  • It provides the users with higher utility value at much budgeted price.

Hardware wallets are much more secured with the additional features of display to physically see the procession of the cryptocurrency transaction and are a great choice to operate the account of your digital currency. So choose your pick that fits your standard of ideal hardware wallet for cryptocurrency of 2018


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