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3 Basic Photography Techniques to Capture Great Photos for a Blog



While you may be great at writing compelling posts for your blog, photography may not be your forte. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is that blogs are becoming increasingly visual, and if you don’t start to learn how to capture better photos then your blog is likely to find it difficult to compete with the many other blogs that are populated with highly engaging visuals.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture great photos for a blog. In fact you’d be surprised how much a few simple photography techniques could help you to snap far better photos.

As they say however the proof is in the pudding, which is why you should try out these 3 basic techniques as soon as you can:

  • Use the grid and the rule of thirds

Most digital cameras and smartphones have an option that will let you turn on the standard 3×3 grid. Using that grid you can easily frame your photos with the rule of thirds, which basically suggests you position the subject along the gridlines or at their intersection points. Similarly other elements in the composition could be aligned according to the grid as well.

  • Try shifting your perspective

Beginners tend to snap most of their photographs straight ahead and at eye-level. However professional photographers recognize the fact that perspective is important, and will often shift the height and direction of their photos in order to frame it from a unique viewpoint. Needless to say you should try to do the same.

  • Learn how lighting affects your photos

One of the factors that has a huge part to play in how your photos turn out is the lighting. While it will take time for you to fully understand how lighting affects your photos, you can start by ensuring that the scenes you’re framing are brightly lit – preferably with a soft and diffused source of light that isn’t in the frame itself.

Although these techniques can help you to improve your photos by leaps and bounds, it will help if you’re also able to edit your photos after you snap them. Despite what you may have heard about how complicated photo editing can be, Movavi Photo Editor will provide you with a user-friendly and intuitive option that you can learn to use in a matter of minutes.

As a powerful picture editor, Movavi Photo Editor contains numerous features that you can use to improve the photos you snap for your blog. Initially you can enhance the quality of your photos, alter the frame and orientation, or remove unwanted objects – and later you can apply stylish filters, insert captions, or touch up portraits too.

Essentially Movavi Photo Editor will give you the ability to ensure that your photos look perfect before you publish them in one of your blog posts. Even if you have no experience at all in photography or editing it won’t be difficult for you to start applying its features.


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